Kate & Neil “Scotland meets Greece”

Ken & Sarah “When I saw you, I fell in love”

Symbolic Wedding

Date: 8th September 2016

Couple: Kate & Neil

“When Scotland meets Greece and gratitude and appreciation are more than just words”


Kate and Neil’s wedding was one of a kind. Not only because Neil decided to
marry in a traditional Scottish kilt but more about their special and strong
connection among themselves, their family and friends.

It was a marriage full of music, joy, happiness and togetherness and a lot of
miraculous moments. When the bride – escorted by traditional greek musicians –
entered the island of St. Kali the time stood still.

A dream of blue and white wanted to be discovered: A beautiful church on top of
the little island between Naoussa and Kolymbithres, decorated with white roses
and blue hyacinths bordered with baby breath and greenery.

Right from the beginning love, the soft smell of the roses and the sweetness of
this very special moment filled up the whole scene.

And while the ceremony took place we waved with our magic wand: Champagne,
fresh fruits, cold water and beer invited the guest to stay and to celebrate
the new united couple. before the night was conquered.

Takimi was already prepared …


to welcome family and friends and …

to savour the romantic atmosphere surrounded by little candle jars hanging from
the tree while enjoy eating traditional greek food. How does it get any better
than this?

  With greek music and greek dancers to rock the whole place. What a memorable
day; Naoussa was in a kind of Scottish wedding fever, where everything was

And when the night moved on, a blue and white surprise lighted up the space
and showered the couple with love. And not only this: the sparklers created little
jumping elfes from Scottland joining the greek spirit


What a magic moment … what a lovely couple … what beautiful friends …
what a grateful wedding

Photographer:           WP