Mel & Byrone “magic moments”

Sonny & Niamh “I will love you every step of the way”
Ken & Sarah “When I saw you, I fell in love”

Symbolic Wedding

Date: 24th June 2016

Couple: Byrone & Mel

“Magic moments”

It can take a lifetime to find the one you love most yet it can happen in a blink of an eye
when magic is involved.

In case of Mel and Byrone a lot of magic was involved, love at first site followed by a time of
faith and courage knowing whatever is happening it is really something special. The path
they walked together led them finally to Paros. Due to Mel’s Greek roots they choose Paros
to get married – on the little island St. Kali between Naoussa and Kolymbithres …

It is a special excitement if you have to take the boat to reach your destination, a small
island where your future husband is waiting for you. Musicians are telling a story of a Greek
goddess, everything is calm and bright and you can smell the salt of the sea while the little
boat decorated with olive branches and white ribbons is gliding over the water…

A few steps to make from the boat to the church, accompanied by Greek musicians,
escorted by the bridal party and the father … the bride given to the groom to take care of a
father’s greatest treasure …

Everything is prepared … the rice filled in little bags to be thrown after the ceremony… The
white arch decorated with olive branches and white flowers according to the bridal bouquet.
And the ceremony table with the liquids for a special ritual the couple will do at the end …

The whole are was filled with love enriched with passion and a lot of happiness.
Meanwhile at Siparos: a wooden tray with shots to welcome the guest, little hanging
lanterns, olive branches, baby breath, white gaze, candles, fairy lights …. The whole
restaurant transformed in the most romantic scenery to welcome the wedding guest and
the new Mr. and Mrs. for an incomparable wedding.

And it was not only the Greek food, drinks and the music, Greek dancers and the DJ, which
has made the night unforgettable … it has been the sparkling eyes of the couple and their
guests, their happiness, love and appreciation to fill the whole area with magic …

Magic moments that will last forever!

Photographer:             Orasis Photography