Ken & Sarah “When I saw you, I fell in love”

Mel & Byrone “magic moments”
Kate & Neil “Scotland meets Greece”

Symbolic Wedding

Date: 26th July 2016

Couple: Ken & Sarah

“When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew”


When things gently are falling into the right place, when the air is filled with
lightness, laughter and a unique smile, dreams are coming true.
For Sarah and Ken the invitation to their unique spell.


The place itself was filled with pure magic. On the top of a mountain, overlooking
the sea, lightly touched by a warm summer breeze, the perfume of roses,
protected by the trees were waiting to welcome bride and groom.


Loving someone is a reason to stretch beyond limits, learning to make the
important things matter and to let go of the rest. It is looking into the soul of
each other and to see beneath the surface, to the qualities, which make the
other special and unique.


To symbolize the importance of each person within the marriage and the joining
of two lives into one marriage Ken and Sarah decided to emphasize this with a sand ceremony.


By pouring the two separate colors of sand into one vessel they became united
without losing their uniqueness. Each grain of sand brings to the mixture a lasting
beauty that forever enriches this combination like the beauty that each person
brings into the relationship.


The beauty of difference and how beautiful this can be together is also visible in
flowers and greenery. Combine colors, shapes and different types and you will
have a unique flower bouquet that will indulge the senses.


And sometimes you will find the hidden treasure behind the beauty and it is
worth the effort.


  Than everything fits together …


Photographer:            Bernard Pretorius