Christos & Nicole “living in your heart”

Francesco & Roberta “The colors of Greece”

Symbolic Wedding & Private dinner

Date:   30. June 2015

Couple: Christos & Nicole

“Living in your heart”

Christos & Nicole

Once upon a time…. Fairytales start like this so the story of Christos and Nicole.
A love story inspired by music, spirit and Christos’ connection to Paros and his dream to
live with his dream women. And his dream came true.

Mikri Santa Maria

At the small beach “Mikri Santa Maria” a private space was created – perfectly fitting into
nature. Everything was prepared for a romantic dinner after the ceremony at the beach.
The gazebo with soft white fabrics gave privacy as well as protection. The carpet of white
rose pedals led the way and the smell of roses and gerbera filled the air with loving

Mikri Santa Maria, Christos & Nicole

A romantic and unique atmosphere in which Christos and Nicole found the perfect space
for their special wedding. “Heaven is not just a place in the sky,…”

Christos & Nicole

As a final commitment the vows were given to the universe, spreading light and love, and
to show appreciation, respect and gratitude. And as usual in fairytales, little fairies
escorted the new united couple as they light up the sparklers sticking in the little
handcrafted boats. Together with their vows the boats were given to the water. White and
blue, like the ocean and the sky…



And when the sky turned black and releases the special star alignment of that day,
the lights on the beach turned the place into the most magical one.
Even the wind decided to calm down and to enjoy this special moment …

Photographer:             Cicada Studio