Francesco & Roberta “The colors of Greece”

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Sonny & Niamh “I will love you every step of the way”

Francesco & Roberta “The colors of Greece”

Catholic Wedding

Date: 4th June 2016

The colors of Greece and a dog named Paros

Couples who want to get married on Paros mostly decide to do so because they love the Greek atmosphere, the hospitality, the food, the amazing colors and in particular Paros for the soft and calm energy. the same for Roberta and francesco from Italy, but for them it was even more: they felt in love with the island years ago…

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-14 (Small)

… so much, that they actually named her dog Paros. A cute little dog with beautiful big eyes and amazing adorable – like the island and this sweetie himself was so in love with Roberta and Francesco like everybody else from family and friends, especially on their wedding day.2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-18 (Small)

Right from the begining this special love was about caring for each other and to make each guest feel like home and comfortable. a welcome brochure with all the necessary details about the wedding and the island helped to to let them feel and relaxed too.

A pleasant atmosphere of trust and love



On the wedding day Roberta -beautiful like a Greek goddess- and Francesco -as powerful as Poseidon- came together to combine their unique love, strength and beauty.

No wonder, that the colors of the day and their dresses were blue and white…

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-135 (Small)

The bridal boquet emphasized the softness and the grace of the bride. The perfumes sweet and light, the reflection of Greece and the theme of the wedding.

What an amazing day.


The sun was shining and immersed the whole area into a soft light.Everything was carefully arranged: Cons with rice, white lanterns with light blue ribbons…


… soft fabrics with starfishes, the aisle to welcome the bride and groom…

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-166 (Small)

… and of course the Catholic church inside of Naoussa.


A ceremony of God through love and dignity. being grateful for everybody who came to Paros to join the wedding of Roberta and Francesco, to share their love and appreciation.

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-273 (Small)

To value the gift of sharing your life with your soul mate.


And for sure, to celebrate this gorgeous couple the Greek way.

The “Taverna” with a stunning view was decorated with hundreds of candle jars and paper lanterns hanging from the roof, lights in front of the entrance and in the front yard.

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-405 (Small)

The whole night was under the magic spell of “Light up their love”,2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-483 (Small)

… sharing sweet moments and..


… dance the night away…

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-558 (Small)

… until the next bride was found… precious moments!

Graceful memoriess last a lifetime or even more.

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-402 (Small)

Being surrounded by loving and caring friends is a wonderful treasure that will make life happy and easy even in the midst of a storm.

2016.06.04 - Roberta Francesco Wedding-560 (Small)

Love, gratitude, appreciation and respect are the bond that holds everything together.

Thank you Roberta and Francesco for a delightful wedding.

Photographer: Bernard Pretorius